x150 Server Opening 3.June

New Characters Kundun and Lemuria


X150 Unique Play Bonuss

Get more custom defense/damage/hp buff by reseting


Updates V2

Updates maintenance run Update.exe in game client to get latest patch!

Fixed mastery shields, can use all classes that uses shields.
Updated Maximum Damage Decrease, Excellent damage rate to 90%
Siege registration OPEN!
Added in Raklion (all socket items drops in raklion)
Magic Flare, and Bright socket sets for Kundun
Finesse and Geist socket items for Lemuria
Adjusted some PVP, PVE damages
Sheep event: Now all servers, sheep's spawns in lorencia, is announced, location random, every 2hours!
Adjusted havoc spear MG skill
PVE setting in progress: All classes will do/does ~600'000 damage (top gear items, max stats)

Updated Blood Earring options (gold VIP reward)


Published by ADmin 01/02/2022